Author: Stephen Evans

Clerics shouldn’t be the gatekeepers to publicly funded schools

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Why the Ashers Bakery 'gay cake' ruling was reasonable

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The demonisation of Louis Smith: This is how a de facto blasphemy law works

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What do pupils need to know about religion?

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Living better together: secularism and cohesion

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In modern Britain, tradition is no excuse for retaining religious privilege

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Furore over Islamic bus adverts is nothing but disingenuous propaganda

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Faith schools add to the angst of school offer day

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Religious worship shouldn’t be a requirement of public office

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Classrooms should be free from an overbearing religious ethos

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Secularism protects us all. Let's embrace it.

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So called Lord’s Prayer ‘Ban’: It’s Winterval all over again

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Operation Christmas Child: Christian fundamentalism, gift-wrapped

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Publicly funded services shouldn't be a platform to proselytise

Any attempt to give faith-based organisations more room to discuss religion when running public services risks making... Read More »

The unreasonableness of ‘reasonable accommodation’

Calls to introduce a new workplace duty of 'reasonable accommodation' for religion and belief are a flawed solution... Read More »

Let Ofsted inspect religious education in faith schools

Religious education should receive the same scrutiny as any other area of the curriculum – and be inspected... Read More »

Christians shouldn’t put self-interest above Britain’s need to better integrate

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NHS pastoral care should be a non-discriminatory service for all

If NHS Trusts want to provide pastoral care for all, then there is no rationale for restricting the role of chaplain... Read More »

Tim Montgomerie need not worry, secularism and tolerance go hand in hand

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Faith schools: education’s sacred cow

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Allowing children to languish in illegal religious 'schools' is the bigotry of low expectations

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Let’s stop confusing education with religious inculcation

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Eric Pickles' 'evangelical charter' on its way to becoming law

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