NSS supports demonstration in defence of liberal secular democracy

The National Secular Society has thrown its support behind a counter-demonstration in defence of liberal secular democracy taking place this Saturday (31 October).

The demonstration is being held to counter an Islam4UK procession called "March for Sharia" starting at 1pm. The extremist Islamic group intend to march past the Houses of Parliament where their members will call for the imposition of Sharia law and for the House of Commons to be abolished.

British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD), is organising and coordinating a broad based counter-demonstration bringing together religious and non-religious groups, including the NSS.

Terry Sanderson, President of the NSS commented, “We are pleased to see a Muslim group with a secularist agenda forming. It is an indication that Muslims in this country do not form a monolithic bloc that all think the same way – which is the impression we get from newspaper reports and from the supposedly official spokespeople from the community.

“The NSS hopes that it can co-operate on other initiatives with Muslim for Secular Democracy. A democratic, secular state will protect and enhance the human rights of everyone, religion and non-religious alike. It is in all our interests to work towards this.”

The protest will be held at Piccadilly Circus from 1 PM on Saturday 31 October.

More information from: www.seculardemocracy.org