Now Saying a Horse is Gay Can Get You Jailed

Former Oxford University student Sam Brown, from Belfast, could be jailed for three months, fined £1,000 and be given a criminal record for calling a police horse ‘gay’. The 21-year-old is due to appear at Oxford Magistrates Court on December 16 after he was charged with offences under the Public Order Act. Mr Brown was arrested last May for causing harassment, alarm and distress. He received an on the spot fine of £80 after asking a mounted police officer: “Do you know your horse is gay? I hope you are comfortable riding a gay horse.”

Brown was on a night out with friends and when he was arrested and issued with a fixed penalty notice, which he refused to pay. He then spent the night in a police cell. His fellow students have labelled the arrest a ‘massive over-reaction’ by the police.

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