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Secularism in the media


Religious exemption of teachers from NI fair employment law 'past sell-by date'

The exemption of teachers from fair employment legislation "has passed its sell-by date," MLAs have been told. The recruitment of teachers is exempt from legislation outlawing religious discrimination in Northern Ireland.



Religious divorce refusal can now be recognised as a criminal offence

A husband who refuses a 'get' (Jewish religious divorce) can now be viewed as exerting controlling and coercive behaviour, listed as a criminal offence under the Serious Crime Act.

Jewish News


Backlash after Aldi removes ‘offensive’ wording on beef label over complaints from Hindus

Aldi has removed a label on its beef dish after the supermarket received complaints from Hindu customers. However, the supermarket came up against yet more backlash as shoppers pointed out that not all Hindus adhere to the no-beef rule.

My London


Council ‘wrong to offer Charedi Jewish teen respite care at non-Jewish home’

Council bosses were wrong to offer a disabled Orthodox Jewish teenager 12 weeks of respite care at a residential home which was not "exclusively Orthodox Jewish", a judge has concluded.

Jewish News


Mother hits out at son's 'anti-Semitic' RE homework

A mother has hit out at her seven-year-old son's 'anti-Semitic' homework that claimed Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.

Mail Online


Judge rules that belief in English nationalism is a 'protected characteristic'

English nationalists can be protected from discrimination in the same way followers of a religion or philosophical belief are, a judge has ruled.

Mail Online


Three Covid rule breakers met for prayer and 'religious gathering' in Nottingham

Three people who attended a religious gathering at a house have been fined after a "deliberate breach" of the Covid-19 regulations.

Nottinghamshire Live


Author shares story of coming out as gay and Muslim: ‘My father asked a witch doctor to cure me’

Author and criminal barrister Mohsin Zaidi has been praised after appearing on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 show to discuss his coming-out memoir 'A Dutiful Boy'.

Pink News


US bishops speak out against Equality Act

In a letter to all members of Congress, the US bishops' conference voiced strong opposition to the Equality Act, a series of measures designed to end discrimination against US citizens on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Tablet*


Tasmania's House of Assembly passes Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

Tasmania's House of Assembly has passed a Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, making the legislation all but certain to become law.

ABC News


‘Abortion is no longer a crime in Australia. But legal hurdles to access remain’

South Australia this week became the final Australian jurisdiction to partially decriminalise abortion. While this is a positive step, important legal hurdles to abortion access remain in South Australia and around the country, say Erica Millar and Barbara Baird.

The Conversation


‘Israel army faces battle over beards’

Bar Pinto and Gilad Levi have taken issue with a system that grants exemptions to that rule on religious grounds, while the faces of nonreligious troops must remain smooth.

France 24


The latest from the NSS


Let women take abortion medication at home permanently, says NSS

The NSS has said measures currently allowing women to have early medical abortions at home should be made permanent across Britain.


NSS to host book launch for first modern biography of GJ Holyoake

The NSS will host a book launch for the first modern biography of George Holyoake, a key figure in UK secularist history, on 22 April.


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