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Secularism in the media


LGBT teaching row: Ministers accused of 'radio silence' over protests

A former government official has accused ministers of "radio silence" over protests near a school against its teaching of LGBT relationships.



Conservative Party members suspended over anti-Muslim online posts

The BBC highlighted over 20 new cases to the party, who said all those found to be members who shared or supported anti-Muslim posts on Twitter and Facebook were suspended immediately.



School discriminated against pupil because he didn't attend communion class, parents say

Parents have complained to the Irish education authorities that a Roman Catholic national school discriminated against their son because he did not attend a holy-communion choir class.

Church Times


Gay couple kiss in front of anti-Rocky Horror Picture Show religious protesters

Joe Fergus, 24, and boyfriend Robert Brookes, 21, kissed outside a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Stoneyhouse Arts centre in Chester where people holding placards had gathered.



Plans revealed for a national 'witches' memorial in Fife

Plans have been unveiled for a national memorial to all those condemned as witches in Scotland during the 16th to 18th Centuries.



Schoolboy told his mother he wants to be Jewish after being refused Catholic baptism

Hayden Kennedy, who attends St Anne's Catholic Primary School in Rock Ferry, was left feeling isolated and rejected following the decision by the local Parish Priest.

Wirral Globe


Fastest-growing UK terrorist threat is from far right, say police

Britain's top counter-terrorism officer, the Met assistant commissioner, Neil Basu, said the most likely attempts would come from "lone actors" and, as with Islamist terrorism, the authorities could not guarantee to foil every plot.

The Guardian


Boy, 13, said he wanted to go fight for ISIS as terror experts visit Leeds

A 13-year-old boy from Yorkshire was caught drawing Daesh logos on his hands and told a social worker he wanted to go and fight for the Islamic State.

The Yorkshire Post


Man who threatened to blow up a hostel in Belfast after shouting 'kill all Muslims' has avoided jail

Sanjay Chanda was given a two-month suspended sentence for an outburst in which he also called others at the shelter "jihadis" and declared an intention to burn down all mosques.

Irish News


'We need a state education system that honours all faiths and none'

The real issue with denominational schools is that in a public sector institution which in theory should be accessible to all taxpayers, there is clear evidence of discrimination, says a letter to Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland


'Israel's election highlights secular-religious divide'

'In Israel's secular heartland, religion played a central role in this week's deadlocked election. For many, a vote for the opposition was driven by a desire to keep rabbis out of their schools, businesses and love lives.'

Mail Online


Latest from the NSS


NSS challenges government backtracking on non-stun meat labelling

The NSS has urged the government to reconsider an apparent backtrack on requiring meat from unstunned animals to be labelled.


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