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Secularism in the media


New Catholic school approved despite opposition - NSS quoted

An application to open Hampton Waters Roman Catholic School, a voluntary aided faith school in Peterborough, has been given the green light.

The Independent


Rise in Northern Irish women seeking abortions in England and Wales

The number of Northern Irish women seeking abortions in England and Wales has increased by 22%.

The Guardian


'Confidential' e-network launched for midwives and nurses to tackle FGM

An online network has been set up for specialist midwives, nurses and health visitors to help tackle female genital mutilation and to support survivors.

Nursing Times


Gove: I will give clear backing to primary LGBT lessons

Michael Gove has said that as prime minister he would make it clear that primary schools teaching children about LGBT relationships is a government requirement.



Downing Street denies Sajid Javid's religion was reason for Trump state banquet snub

Downing Street has denied that Sajid Javid was not invited to a state banquet for Donald Trump because he is a Muslim.

Politics Home


'Silenced' children of priests to share stories with French bishops

In an unprecedented series of meetings beginning on Thursday afternoon, children who say they have been "silenced" and "humiliated" by the Church will have the opportunity to share their experiences.



Bishop apologises over priest’s homily comparing gay people to zombies

Fr Tom Forde also said 'the only way to deal with zombies is to shoot them' during address.

The Irish Times


Ecuador approves same-sex marriage as LGBT+ groups hail landmark week

Ecuador's decision to allow same-sex marriage has topped a landmark week for LGBT+ rights after Botswana decriminalised gay sex and Bhutan took the first steps to do so, said campaigners marking the 50th anniversary of the gay equality movement.



New York bans religious vaccination exemptions

Confronted with both serious measles outbreaks and a growing anti-vaccine movement, New York lawmakers voted Thursday to ban religious exemptions that would allow parents to circumvent school-mandated vaccination.

Mail Online


Texas town bans abortion in all-male city council vote

The unanimous vote prohibits abortion within Waskom's city limits, leaving exceptions in the case of rape, incest or serious risk to the mother's life.



The first ever brain scans of jihadists show how radicalisation alters the mind

Scientists have looked for the first time at the brain patterns of Islamist radicals, showing that the part of the brain associated with deliberative reasoning is deactivated when a person is willing to fight and die for a "sacred cause".



Latest from the NSS


Islamic charities push death for ‘apostates’ and female subjugation

The NSS has reported four Islamic charities to the charities regulator after revealing that they promote deeply intolerant messages.


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