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Newsline 9 September 2016

The deeply damaging plans announced by the Government to relax admissions rules for faith schools are a terrible blow for social cohesion. At a time when the Government should be doing everything it can to promote an integrated society, it has instead decided to worsen the effects of divisive faith schools.

The Government speaks of the need to foster integration and social cohesion, but by removing the admissions cap that governs faith school admissions they are promoting divisive religious segregation.

We'll be opposing plans to increase religious segregation in schools every step of the way.

What will our society look like in 100 years if we divide generations of children by their parents' religion? The effects of this short-sighted policy will be disastrous. We're trying to stop this from happening, but we need your help.

Secularism 2016 Conference: Secularism ‘on the frontline of the most important issue of our time’

Secularism 2016 Conference: Secularism ‘on the frontline of the most important issue of our time’

News | Wed, 07 Sep 2016

The conference celebrating our 150th anniversary was an opportunity to reflect on everything the National Secular Society has achieved in 150 years of campaigning, and consider the significant challenges ahead.

NSS Speaks Out

We were quoted by Conatus News on caste discrimination, and the news website also interviewed our president Terry Sanderson.

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