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Newsline 21 April 2017

Newsline is back, and the news this week has been dominated by the upcoming General Election. We're still waiting for the party manifestos to be released, and as soon as they are we will provide you with our comment and analysis on what each party has to say on the issues secularists care most about, including: faith schools, human rights, extremism.

In the meantime, take a look at our very recently released secular manifesto. Secular reforms in the UK are long overdue, and we have policies ready to go. Read the manifesto here, and add your endorsement.

We are still hiring, so if you'd like to join our team as our new Campaigns and Communications Officer send your application as soon as possible!

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This is not a ‘Christian country’

This is not a ‘Christian country’

Opinion | Tue, 18 Apr 2017

Despite many remaining anachronisms in our constitution, the UK is not a Christian country in any meaningful legal sense: but politicians continue to repeat this myth.

New call for mandatory reporting after Catholic Church in Australia admits “devastating” scale of child abuse

New call for mandatory reporting after Catholic Church in Australia admits “devastating” scale of child abuse

News | Wed, 19 Apr 2017

Five secularist organisations, including the NSS, have called for the Catholic Church to take real action to ensure justice for victims of clerical child abuse.

Inclusive Ireland should consign Dáil prayers to history

Inclusive Ireland should consign Dáil prayers to history

Ireland's national holiday is that of a Christian saint, the Garda badge is cruciform in nature, and Christmas and Easter are public holidays. Sustainable societies require some kind of links to an imagined shared past, but prayer in parliament gives the impression that the State endorses Christianity, and it should be abandoned, writes Ronan McCrea.

NSS Speaks Out

Since the last issue of Newsline we've been quoted on our call for the Charity Commission to investigate Buckfast Abbey (which pays no income tax on Buckfast Tonic Wine because it is a charity) in the Telegraph, Sun, Daily Record, Third Sector, Premier Christian Radio, Radio Ulster and in local media.

Campaigns director Stephen Evans wrote for Europe's World on the recent headscarf ruling and the reasonable limits that exist on religious freedom in certain circumstances.

Executive director Keith Porteous Wood spoke to LBC and was quoted by the BBC and the Guardian on the Prime Minister's Easter statement. He also spoke to Radio Nottingham about Easter trading hours.

Dr Antony Lempert of the Secular Medical Forum was quoted in Christian Today on the new pharmacists' guidance reported above.

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