Police called following disturbance after bookshop accused of throwing away Qurans

Posted: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:11

Police in Bradford attended the site of a skip near a former bookshop after 'shocked' locals reportedly discovered books, including a Quran, had been thrown away.

Pictures posted by the Telegraph and Argus, who reported the story, clearly show stacks of other old books in the skip, along with the religious texts.

The local paper reported that it wasn't known who was "responsible for placing the items in the skip."

One resident said it was a "very shameful act".

According to the local report local residents removed the books from the skip.

West Yorkshire Police told the National Secular Society said they were called to commercial premises "following reports of males shouting and abusing staff.

"The caller said they were clearing out a stock room and had been accused of throwing away Islamic literature.

"Officers attended and spoke to the males who said they had suspicions Islamic literature was being put in a skip.

"Police were called to the premises again at around 6pm after reports of theft from the premises."

They said enquiries were continuing to establish the full circumstances of what happened.

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