Charles Bradlaugh portrait bust named Parliament’s artwork of the month

Posted: Thu, 08 Dec 2016 15:17

A portrait bust of National Secular Society founder Charles Bradlaugh has been named Parliament's artwork of the month.

The bronze bust was donated by the NSS, funded through generous contributions from our members and supporters, and is now displayed in a prominent position inside the Palace of Westminster in Lower Waiting Hall.

In November this year the bust was unveiled at a reception in Parliament attended by MPs, members and supporters of the NSS.

At the event Alison McGovern MP, Chair of the Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art, said the artwork "will provide inspiration for both parliamentarians and members of the public for years to come" and that the portrait bust filled a "long-standing and major gap in the Parliamentary Art Collection".

The bust was sculpted by artist Suzie Zamit, who is the fourth female sculptor whose work is included in the Parliamentary Art Collection.

Watch: Sculpting the clay model

Watch: Casting of the bronze

Watch: The unveiling

Listen to a 1991 BBC World Service report on Charles Bradlaugh’s life.