Christian Concern back parents over accusations adopted son was “held down” at prayer meeting for an exorcism

Posted: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 10:55

Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre are assisting a couple whose adopted sons were removed, after accusations one of the boys had been held down at a prayer meeting while people talked in tongues to exorcise a demon.

Social workers also raised concerns that the "disciplinary regime" for the two children in the couple's house was "inappropriate, damaging and punitive" and that punishments went beyond a "smack".

The Telegraph reported that "The boys complained that they were unfairly smacked, shouted at and restrained by the couple, had soap put in their mouths when they swore and the older boy was put in cold showers when he behaved badly."

A prayer meeting eventually took place because it was believed that the older of the two boys was possessed by "demons". The boy's behaviour was said by the couple to be "impossible". At the meeting, the older boy said he was "held down" and restrained while attendees spoke to him in a "different language".

The couple admitted that "certain attendees" at the prayer meeting "talked in tongues around him".

In an interview about the case with LBC, the chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, Andrea Williams, confirmed that she did believe in demons.

Presenter Iain Dale said there was "clearly a lot of evidence" pointing to the poor treatment of the boys and accused her of refusing to "accept" that.

As the interview progressed Williams said that she spoke in tongues, though not "very often".

The Christian Legal Centre is backing the parents in their effort to regain custody of the younger child.

Judges ruled that "more analysis" is required of his case before a decision is made on the couple's appeal to have the younger boy put back under their care.

Christian Concern is one of a number of religious groups objecting to Government plans to introduce safeguarding measures for supplementary schools.

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