Cornwall consults on scrapping free transport to religious schools

Posted: Thu, 23 Jan 2014

Cornwall consults on scrapping free transport to religious schools

Cornwall County Council is under fire for considering the removal of subsidies for transport of pupils to religious schools.

The Council, which like others around the country is struggling with reduced budgets, estimates it must reduce its school transport bill by £12 million.

It will do this not only by cutting free transport to 'faith schools' but also free transport for all pupils who live within two or three miles of their primary school. This will not apply to low income families.

Concessionary fares may also be increased.

The Diocese of Truro has already made its objections known. It intends to formally object to the proposals.

Director of Education for the diocese, Sue Green, said "The Diocese would be extremely disappointed if the provision for transport to a school – for which a parent or carer has expressed a preference on the basis of religion or belief – was removed.

"This is not only important for those parents and carers who wish their children to attend a Church School, but also for those who do not.

"In response to the consultation, we shall be indicating that this discretionary provision should continue to be available."

Andrew Wallis, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said the plans were at the consultation stage and urged families to have their say.

The consultation closes on February 28. For more details on how to take part see here or on request by calling 0300 1234 100.

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