Dawkins to speak at conference on Secularism

Posted: Tue, 14th Aug 2012

Professor Richard Dawkins has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at The National Secular Society's "Secularism 2012" conference, which will take place in central London on Saturday 22 September.

The one-day conference will bring together secularists from all over the country to debate one of the most crucial issues of the age: what is the place of religion in a modern, democratic and secularised society?

Joining Professor Dawkins on the bill will be journalist, commentator and free speech advocate Nick Cohen and NSS Secularist of the Year and leading human rights activist Peter Tatchell, who will argue that organised religion is the greatest global threat to human rights.

Firebrand opponent of political Islam Maryam Namazie will also be on the platform along with Pragna Patel, a vocal proponent of secularism as a defence against the ill-treatment of women in minority communities. Professor Ted Cantle will talk about the failure of multiculturalism and propose for the first time an alternative. Labour MP Nia Griffith will also be offering an insight into why don't we have a more secular society already.

Organisers say the conference will provide an opportunity for delegates to network and share ideas, as well as to have their say on how secularism can be championed in the UK. Tickets are £35 to include lunch and all refreshments with a discounted £10 ticket for students with photo ID.

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