Cromer Council agrees to take prayers off the agenda

Posted: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 15:31

Councillors at Cromer Town Council in Norfolk voted by 12 votes to one that in future those who wished to join in a short period of prayer or reflection would gather at 6.45pm, ahead of the usual 7pm start to council meetings.

Cromer traditionally launched its meetings with prayers led by a faith representative but abandoned the practice two months ago after the National Secular Society won a High Court ruling that including prayers on the agenda of meetings was illegal.

Marion Saunders, who proposed the new timings, said the 15-minute gap would allow those who did not want to take part in the prayer/reflection, time to arrive and settle for a 7pm start.

Veteran member Vera Woodcock was alone in voting against the compromise. She had earlier argued that the council should continue to meet at 7pm with a period of reflection at the start. Mrs Woodcock added: "I don't see why we should alter our timing to suit one or two people."

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