Lord Alton wants the Government to change a law that doesn’t exist

Posted: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 11:38

The Christian fantasy that the Government has banned the wearing of crosses in the workplace was brought down to earth last week in the House of Lords, when Lord Alton asked whether the Government has "any plans to clarify the law in respect of Christians wishing to wear a cross in the workplace."

Baroness Verma replied for the Government, saying:

"No. We have no plans to change the law. At present there is nothing in UK law that denies people the right to express their religious views - including through the wearing of a religious symbol such as a cross - while at work. Employers need to have proportionate and legitimate reasons if they want to restrict their employees from openly wearing a cross or any other religious item. We believe that in this respect domestic law strikes the right balance between the rights of employees to manifest their faith and that of employers to place legitimate restrictions on that where appropriate, for instance in order to ensure patient safety or for health and safety reasons."

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Tags: Christianity, Discrimination, 'Christianophobia'