The manifesto for change

The UK today has incredible religious diversity and a non-religious majority. This should prompt an urgent rethink about religion's public role and the relationship between church and state. Britain isn't a Christian country, and we shouldn't have a state church. People should have freedom of religion, but it should end when it infringes on others' rights and freedoms.

But we need you to help to make this case to policy makers. We've created a Manifesto for Change calling for Britain to evolve into a secular democracy. We've made a template letter asking MPs to read the manifesto, and work to put its recommendations into action. Please consider sending it, or something similar, to your MP – and help to make our vision for a secular Britain a reality.

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Hints and tips

- Personalising your letter will make it more likely to have an impact.

- An introduction paragraph about why you are writing to the MP is useful

- Keep your thoughts fairly brief. MPs are busy and get a lot of correspondence.

- Use clear and simple language.

- If you have an interesting perspective which undermines arguments for privileging religion, consider sharing it.

- The report has 59 recommendations, why not pick out 2 or 3 that are most important to you?

- This letter is intended and has been promoted to members in England. If you want it to be relevant to non-English MPs, it will need to be personalised.

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