General letter

A letter to your MP can be an opportunity to lobby them on secular issues or get support with an issue you are facing e.g. being forced into a faith school or discrimination because of your religion or belief.

  • MPs are very busy, you should keep your letter short and focused. Remember to be polite.
  • MPs are more likely to take seriously issues they think affect lots of their constituents.
  • Be clear about what you want your MP to do (support your campaign, raise your case with/write to an appropriate organisation, ask a question in Parliament, support legislation etc.)
  • If you have time, research your MP. Think about how best to frame your issue/argument for them.
  • Don't be discouraged if you get a formulaic or dismissive response. Given how many letters MPs get, this is to be expected. A follow up letter will have more impact as MPs get less of these and they are likely to get a more personal reply.
  • Offer to follow up/send more information.
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