End discrimination in faith school admissions

Voluntary aided schools and academies with a religious character are given special exemptions from equality law that allow them to prioritise pupils whose families share the faith of the school. This is unfair, unnecessary and fuels segregation in our society.

Following vigorous opposition from a large number of groups and individuals including the National Secular Society, proposals to scrap the 50% cap on faith-based admissions at faith academies have been abandoned. However, the government is still supporting the development of new discriminatory schools by making it easier for faith groups to open new voluntary-aided faith schools, which can select 100% of pupils on faith grounds.

The 50% cap needs to be extended to all schools, as part of a process towards abolishing all religious selection/discrimination in admissions to state schools.

Tell your MP that it's time to end, not extend, religious discrimination.

Hints and tips

- Personalising your letter will make it more likely to have an impact.

- An introduction paragraph about why you are writing to the MP is useful.

- Keep your thoughts fairly brief. MPs are busy and get a lot of correspondence.

- Use clear and simple language.

- If you have an interesting perspective which undermines arguments for privileging religion, consider sharing it.

- This letter is only applicable to MPs in England.

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