End discrimination in faith school admissions

Writing to your MP can help to get the campaign against discrimination in faith school admissions on the political agenda and show this is an issue their constituents care about. We campaign in parliament as an organisation, and your support will bolster our case. It is quick easy and helps your MP represent you in Parliament.

Tell your MP that it's time to end discriminatory admissions in schools.

Read our latest briefing on 'Discriminatory admissions' to ensure that you are up to date and well informed surrounding this issue.

Real people's personal stories help to show the significance of the issue to politicians and legislators. If you would like to contribute your own experiences and see other individuals stories, please visit our supporter comment page.

  • Personalising your letter will make it more likely to have an impact.
  • MPs will respond to casework even if they disagree on policy, so remember to tell them if you are being personally affected by this issue.
  • Keep your thoughts brief. MPs are busy and get a lot of correspondence.
  • If you are not happy with an initial result, make sure you follow this up with them.
  • Use clear and simple language.
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