Protect RSE

There is a growing, highly organised protest movement against LGBT inclusive relationships and sexuality education (RSE). This has been exemplified by the national coverage of protests at schools around the UK; in many cases teachers have been extremely intimidated and some have even received death threats. In several cases schools have suspended lessons in response.

In 2019 the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment updated the guidance on Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) for primary and post-primary schools. This is in accordance with the 2013 Department of Education circular which states "should be taught in harmony with the ethos of the school and reflect the moral and religious principles held by parents and school management authorities'".

The prioritisation of schools ethos in the guidance encourages the restriction of content and the promotion of religious views rather than comprehensive and non-discriminatory RSE.

Please ask your MLA to urge the Minister of Education to reconsider the requirement for schools to teach RSE according to their ethos, and to provide extra clarity over schools' duties to consult RSE policy with parents.

It must be made clear that consultation is not an opportunity or invitation for parental veto or

restriction of subject content.

MLAs receive a lot of research and correspondence from campaigning organisations. When their constituents also share these reports it shows that voters care about this issue.

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