Wed, 18 Apr 2018

Guernsey Christian leaders unite in opposition to assisted dying

Christian leaders from all of Guernsey's churches have united in opposition to a proposed bill to legalise assisted dying on the island. A proposal is due to be voted on in Guernsey's parliament on 16 May, with the backing of the island's chief minister.

The Tablet

Public oppose faith school admissions 'cheating'

A new YouGov survey has found that a majority of the public think it is 'unacceptable' for families to attend church to get their child into a religiously affiliated school.

Education Executive

Protests and rallies to greet Modi in London

Protests are set to be held today and later in the week as India's prime minister embarks on his second bilateral visit to the UK in three years. The treatment of religious minorities is one of the issues the protesters hope to raise.

The Hindu

‘The India I grew up in has gone. These rapes show a damaged, divided nation’

Anuradha Roy reflects on the reaction to the abduction, rape and murder of a girl from a Muslim family in India. She says "the slow sectarian poison released into the country's bloodstream by its Hindu nationalists has reached full toxicity".

The Guardian

Sex attack church elder banned from being alone with women

A church elder who carried out numerous sex attacks on elderly parishioners has been banned from being alone with women.

The Herald

Iceland’s Catholic leaders claim circumcision proposal is anti-Semitic

The Catholic Church in Iceland has spoken out against a proposal to enforce prison terms for those who cut infant boys' genitals.

Catholic Philly

Vatican exorcism course opens doors to 250 priests

The Vatican has opened its doors for its annual exorcism course amid increasing demand among some of the world's Catholic communities.


Tue, 17 Apr 2018

More than half of public says faith schools’ church attendance rule is ‘unacceptable’

Fifty-six per cent of the public thinks it is 'unacceptable' for Christian schools to admit pupils based on a family's church attendance, according to a YouGov poll.

Premier Christian Radio

British church leaders are branded Assad's 'useful idiots' after hailing “fascinating” talks with regime

Church of England leaders have been slammed for meeting Syrian officials and casting doubt on the Assad regime's atrocities there.

Daily Mail

Petition organised against Sunday opening of Stornoway arts centre

Petitioners on the isle of Lewis are gathering opposition to an arts centre's decision to open its doors seven days a week as soon as "operationally possible", according to reports.

Stornoway Gazette

‘The case that could end ritual male circumcision in the UK’

A woman from Nottingham is suing the doctor who carried out a circumcision on her infant son without her permission. A much-needed precedent would boost the cause against all forms of child genital cutting.

The Conversation

Corbyn invites Jewish groups to round table meeting

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to host a round table meeting with Jewish organisations.

The JC

Pupils take action on chaplain who opposed same-sex marriage

School children from Angus, in eastern Scotland, have set up a petition calling for the school to break ties with its chaplain over his views on gay marriage.

The Herald

'Make America Christian Again': religious nationalism explains Trump’s support, say sociologists

Christian nationalism has played a central role in the popular rise of Donald Trump and will continue to do so, according to a new report by three US sociologists.

Christian Today

Young people in US more likely to support abortion rights, says poll

A new national poll finds a growing divide between younger and older Americans on abortion and reproductive health care — a shift that may be driven in large part by changing attitudes toward religion.


‘Satanic’ metal band arrested on terror charges in Georgia

Two members of the veteran Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ were detained on terrorism charges ahead of show in Georgia last Thursday. Authorities accused them of practising satanism, their record label has said. The charges reportedly related to their band name.


Swiss woman files rape complaint against Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan

A Swiss woman has filed a criminal complaint in Geneva for rape against the Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan – who is already being held in custody in France on similar allegations – according to her lawyer.

Straits Times

Mon, 16 Apr 2018

Catholic Church yet to contact priest sex abuse victims

The Catholic Church in Scotland has apologised to two victims of a priest jailed for sexual abuse but is yet to contact them.


Government ministers hit out at church "abortion culture" claims

Government ministers have hit out at claims from bishops that repealing the Eighth Amendment would lead to euthanasia, eugenics and an "abortion culture".

The Times

"Like many women, I had an abortion in Ealing – and this is why I know they needed a buffer zone"

"Protest, by all means, when you feel strongly about something, but if you are intimidating women at such a vulnerable time, the law is quite right to say jog on."

The Independent

Germany: outrage as rap album with alleged antisemitic lyrics wins prize

Kollegah and Farid Bang win music award for album referring to Auschwitz, which comes amid growing concern about antisemitism.

The Guardian

No. of church weddings among millennials 'plummeting'

More than seven out of ten young people still dream of marrying, despite declining marriage rates and amount of white weddings in church.

Mail Online

Outrage as grave tributes removed by church

Loved ones paying their respects in a North Baddesley cemetery say they are being made to feel 'unwelcome' after photographs and other items left on graves have been removed.

Daily Echo

Australia: States not recording complaints made about school chaplains

The federal and several state governments have stopped counting complaints against the school chaplains program and no states keep records of the faith of those providing pastoral care.

The Guardian

Religious belief linked to suicidal thoughts for LGBT people

Based on data from more than 21,000 US college students, researchers found that greater religious feeling and engagement was tied to increased risk of suicidal thoughts and actions for participants who identified as LGBQ.

Christian Today

Three years a sex slave: woman tells of suffering under Isis

"For days she did not know that she was free from the Isis man who owned and regularly abused her, from his wife, who insulted her, and from the shelling and fighting that engulfed the town where she had been held captive."

The Times

"LGBT ‘Conversion Therapy’ Is Dying a Quick Death Across America. Good."

"There is perhaps no other LGBT-related issue in the U.S. that has garnered such bipartisan levels of support. There's a broad consensus that conversion therapy is bad."

The Daily Beast

First Rohingyas return to Burma despite UN fears

The government of Burma is reporting the return of the first Rohingya Muslims displaced by its armed forces — a total of five people out of a refugee population of 700,000.

The Times

"Fighting Anti-Semitism Requires Free Speech"

"Under France's constitutional system, secularism allows for the harmonious coexistence of different faiths, because it prevents any belief system from encroaching on others' individual liberties. But now this system is being challenged by a campaign to silence critics of radical interpretations of Islam."

Project Syndicate

‘I raised my voice because secularism was under threat’

Acclaimed writer Taslima Nasrin speaks about her views on feminism, secularism, free speech and democracy—subjects she continues to address in her writings.

Sunday Guardian Live

Fri, 13 Apr 2018

Neo-Nazi jailed for life for terror plans against mosques in Aberdeen

A neo-Nazi convicted of planning terror attacks against Muslims and mosques in Aberdeen has been jailed for life.

The Scotsman

Turkey says it plans to place a quarter of top students in Islamic schools

Nearly a quarter of top-performing students entering Turkish upper schools are expected to be placed in religious Imam Hatip schools, the country's education minister said on Thursday. President Erdogan has said one of his goals is to forge a "pious generation".


Leading US House members urge Iceland to continue to allow infant genital cutting

The leading Republican and Democrat on the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee have joined forces to urge Iceland to stand down from a proposed bill to ban forced genital cutting.

The Times of Israel

‘Buffer zones are not an attack on free speech’

Ann Furedi, the CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, says bringing in a 150m buffer zone around an abortion clinic is a reasonable way of allowing women to access healthcare and allowing anti-abortion activists to protest.


ICC prosecutes Islamist militant on groundbreaking gender-based charges

The International Criminal Court in The Hague has launched a potentially groundbreaking new prosecution for the crime of persecution on the grounds of gender, seeking a lengthy jail sentence for an Islamist militant accused of forcing hundreds of women into sexual slavery.

The Guardian

Trump nominee for secretary of state grilled on gay rights and anti-Muslim associations

Mike Pompeo, President Trump's nominee for secretary of state, faced a string of questions on minority rights during a confirmation hearing yesterday. Topics included his views on LGBT+ rights and his closeness to anti-Muslim conspiracists.


Outrage spreads over rape and murder of eight-year-old girl in India

More protests have been planned to bring attention to brutal crimes against women in India after a religiously-charged rape and murder.


‘“Queer Disbelief” pairs atheists and LGBTQ communities as allies’

An interview with Camille Beredjick, whose new book calls for an alliance between those who do not believe in God and LGBT+ people based on their mutual goals of respect and acceptance.

Religion News Service

‘Secular government vs theocracy’

Bert Bigelow deconstructs arguments that secular governments are as bad as those dominated by religious influence.


Teacher in Tennessee launches lawsuit after sacking over ‘out-of-wedlock pregnancy’

A teacher who lost her job at a Christian school in Tenneessee after getting pregnant while unwed is testing the bounds of a landmark US Supreme Court decision that said employment autonomy by religious employers trumps employment discrimination protections for employees.

Knox News

Thu, 12 Apr 2018

More action to protect abortion clinic patients planned

A buffer zone which prevents protests outside an abortion clinic in west London has "blazed a trail" for other councils, with at least six authorities considering a similar step.

The Times (£)

Can Ealing’s abortion clinic buffer zone be replicated to protect women everywhere?

Anoosh Chakelian says a historic local vote curbing pro-life protesters may be tough for other councils to pursue, but there is pressure for the government to look for a national solution.

The New Statesman

Pupils should be given information on abortion, teaching union conference hears

Pupils should be given information about abortion in the classroom because many do not discuss it at home, the National Education Union's (ATL section) annual conference in Liverpool has heard.


Teachers’ union says prejudiced parents are abusing right to withdraw children from RE

The government should take steps to prevent prejudiced parents from selectively withdrawing youngsters from RE classes, according to the ATL section of the National Education Union.

The Independent

SDLP confirms its abortion conference will be private

The SDLP has confirmed that a conference to review abortion policy next month will be held behind closed doors.

The Irish News

Catholic priest jailed for nine years for child sexual abuse in Ayrshire

A Catholic priest has been jailed for nine years for sexually abusing three children and a student priest in crimes spanning more than 20 years.


Woman sexually abused by Salvation Army members finally gets justice

Almost 20 years after going to the police over child sexual abuse in the Salvation Army, a woman has seen her abusers convicted of indecent assault, gross indecency and attempted rape.

The Guardian

Pope Francis admits 'grave error' in discrediting Chilean church sexual abuse victims

Pope Francis has admitted he made "grave errors" in judgment when he defended a bishop accused of witnessing and ignoring clerical sexual abuse.

The Guardian

Child’s rape and killing in India mired in religious politics

The gang rape, torture and death of a girl from a Muslim family in Indian-controlled Kashmir has seen thousands of members of a radical Hindu group with links to the ruling party march to demand the release of the men accused of it.

The Washington Post

'Religious faith formation should take place outside school hours’

Paddy Monahan says legislation that moves the teaching of faith formation outside school hours must be passed in Ireland.

The Irish Times

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