Organisers: National Secular Society and International NGO Council on Genital Autonomy (INGOCGA)
When: Wednesday 8 June 2022, 18:00-19:00
Where: Online. Click here to register.

Bodily autonomy is one of the most basic human rights. Yet every year, millions of children are forcibly subjected to permanent and painful cutting of their genitals for religious or cultural reasons.

While increasing numbers of countries give girls legal protection from all forms of non-therapeutic genital cutting (female genital mutilation), not a single country affords similar protections to boys.

In this event, representatives from the International NGO Council on Genital Autonomy (INGOCGA) will make the case for ensuring all children are protected from non-therapeutic genital cutting. They will explain why forced genital cutting is a violation of children's fundamental rights, including freedom of religion or belief, and dispel some of the myths surrounding FGM and male circumcision. And they will share ideas on what needs to happen to ensure all children, whatever their sex or cultural background, are given equal rights to make decisions about their bodies for themselves.

This event will mark the launch of INGOCGA's new report, supported by the National Secular Society, which calls on the United Nations to take greater steps to eliminate all forms of non-consensual, non-therapeutic genital cutting.


Dr Antony Lempert, Secular Medical Forum (Chair)
Dr Antony Lempert is a partner in a rural GP practice on the Welsh/English border. Since 2008 he has coordinated and chaired the SMF which works to protect patients from the harm caused by the imposition on them of other people's personal beliefs. Dr Lempert is a British Medical Association representative, and chairs the Shropshire division of the BMA.

Kira Antinuk, RN BScN MN
Kira Antinuk lives on Vancouver Island in Canada, where she works as a Medical Adjudication Consultant for the federal government. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Children's Health & Human Rights Partnership, a non-profit organisation of professionals in the fields of medicine, ethics, and law who are committed to ending non-therapeutic genital surgery on children in Canada.

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In this free online talk on June 8, experts will make the case for ensuring all children are protected from non-therapeutic genital cutting - whatever their sex or cultural background. Find out more and book your place...
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