Forget the “Da Vinci Code”: this is the book that tells the bombshell truth about the Catholic Church

We have a new book in our shop that is a real firecracker – Double Cross: the Code of the Catholic Church by David Ranan. If the Vatican was afraid of the effects of the Da Vinci Code on its corrupt empire, wait until it sees this! Dr David Ranan is a political scientist whose main area of interest is the study of power structures. His academic objectivity adds even more weight to this jaw-dropping exposé of the Vatican’s age-old web of deceit, corruption and murder.

During the Second World War, in an anti-Catholic diatribe, writer and historian H.G. Wells posed the question: “Why do we not bomb Rome?” Wells could not accept that Italy’s capital should be spared only because of the pope and the Catholic Church, a church which had always been a political force as much as a religion.

In an across-the-board analysis of its history, dogma and present-day strategies, David Ranan reflects on whether there is a systemic fault in the blueprint of the Catholic Church. Ranan shows how some of the Church’s teachings and policies actually kill people; he explains where, how and why.

Ranan’s insightful analysis explains why the modern Church has such difficulty reversing its teachings on such fundamental questions as birth control, abortion, the Jews, and other shibboleths. He explains why the Church even today has failed to give anything more than a half-hearted ‘apology’ for Galileo’s trial and why it has for so long covered up sexual abuse by its priests.

Unlike ‘faithful’ insiders, who seek to promote reform from within, Ranan stands outside the structure and embrace of the Church, lending his analysis a rare degree of objectivity and making his conclusions as compelling as they are startling (and including 44 pages of references to back up everything he says). Four hundred and twenty-six dynamite pages of truth-telling that will have Josef Ratzinger squirming on his golden throne.

This really is a book not to miss. £15.99 plus £1 p&p. Order it securely from our on-line shop or by post from NSS, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL.

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(16 March 2007)