"As a human race, we have an obligation to coexist for the greater good of all. This is a responsibility to tolerate, and accept that diversity exists within us all, within races, cultures, countries, religions, and spirituality. We must fight for one another's right as a human being to be different, even if that is a difference that we don't share within ourselves. Keep education inclusive for every walk of life. In doing this we shall all benefit!"


"Schools should not have the ability to pick and choose students based on religion."


"As some areas have only faith schools in them, the removal of this cap could leave many children without access to an education, which is unacceptable. Please reconsider to prevent segregation, discrimination and a lack of education for our children."


"As a parent of a child in a school which is currently at risk of losing its secular status for the sake of a lease agreement in a proposed merger I want to see this cap to taken to zero. There should be no religious discrimination in the education system. Everyone should be welcome."


"This would be overtly discriminatory, and would have a damaging effect on communities. Any school receiving state funding should not be allowed to discriminate, and should be forced to serve their local communities. The cap (whatever the proportion) is a social good."


"I don't understand why the government encourages dividing our children and creating segregation along religious lines. We should be working towards a fairer, more cohesive society instead of a society that promotes separatism, which leads to a lack of understanding of others outside of the faith which our children have been given by their parents."


"I believe all schools should aim to encourage diversity and an understanding of others. This cannot be done through segregation. No school should be allowed to discriminate access on grounds of religion and we should aim for all schools to be religiously diverse."


"I am not anti-religion but access to state-funded schools should not be restricted."


"Assessing the information that faith-schools are actively selective, avoiding those from disadvantaged backgrounds, exemplifies a genuine risk for social segregation and decreased social mobility in a discriminatory Britain, working explicitly for a select few."


"It is wrong to discriminate against children on the basis of their parents' belief. Furthermore, this leads to segregation which will make Britain more divided."

Kristine, Kristine

Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.