"It's a fact that there are many different religions as well as non-religions in our society. I believe that educating children of different religions together will help to reduce conflict between religions. Please keep the 50% cap. Thank you."


"Public funded schools should be open to all children in the same way that other public funded services are."


"There's far too much divisive discrimination in our society as it is, there is no good reason to sow more amongst young people."


"I am pagan and have pagan friends that live in the affected areas. Please do not scrap the cap. I can only imagine how many families it may negatively affect. Getting rid of this cap will only divide the people of your country in terrible ways."


"Don't facilitate more division and discrimination. Schools should be inclusive for all children and faiths."


"Our society is increasingly non-religious but those who practice a religion are becoming more and more polarised. Educating children separately, based on their parents' beliefs, only encourages this. And the majority in our society, the non-believers, are offered a restricted choice of schools, thus discriminating against them."


"Dividing our children according to our own superstitions is a terrible idea."


"Segregation, sectarianism, division lead to myopia, intolerance, extremist groups and destabilise society, communities, services."


"The more open and inclusive our schools are the more chance we have of creating a peaceful, tolerant society."


"I fail to understand why we have faith schools at all. If we must persist in having them, we should avoid their becoming islands of insularity. This can only be possible by allowing children with different backgrounds in schools to reflect the society in which they're based. Anything else is ludicrous and potentially dangerous. Keep the cap."


Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.