"Discrimination in education upon religious grounds is simply and absolutely unacceptable."


"Would love to see an end to all faith schools for a more inclusive and cohesive society, but at the very least we need to keep the 50% quota."


"How does anyone think it's acceptable to discriminate on ground of religion or lack of a religion."


"In this day and age this is just wrong. Stop this unwarranted discrimination."


"We are trying to raise our child to understand that the freedom to follow a religion, or to follow no religion, is a fundamental tenet of life in the UK. It is the mixing of beliefs and no beliefs that leads to an integrated and tolerant society. There is no better place for this than school. Our children will be deprived of exposure to people from a range of backgrounds and who hold a range of beliefs - this will not lead to integration but quite the opposite."


"In our increasingly diverse society, we need to foster an environment of understanding between our differing communities. If we do not allow our children to encounter people and ideas that are different to their own, they may well never come to understand that we all have some common values. By encouraging segregation for whatever reason, we create a 'them and us' atmosphere that can only seriously limit any chance of social cohesion."


"The divisions in British Society will increase by removing the cap. We are sleepwalking into a country where communities lead isolated and separate existence. We must share our lives with all who live here starting foremost in our schools."


"Your family practising a different faith should not determine whether or not a child should have access to a good education. This segregation based on faith is incredibly unhealthy, not just for children, but also for society in general."


"As a taxpayer I object my money being used toward what is blatant discrimination."


"Schools should not be able to discriminate on any grounds. It should be against the law."


Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.