"There are far too many religious schools in Britain. We should be taking steps to reduce not extend their influence."


"Our society is becoming increasingly non-religious. Given many schools are 'oversubscribed' during each admission period, many parents are forced to rely on a local school being able to take their children. Selecting which children can attend the school based on their religion discriminates against an increasing proportion of society. It wouldn't be allowed in a workplace, why allow it in a school?"


"The law does not allow discrimination by gender, nationality or sexuality. It should not allow discrimination by religious choice either, nor should it allow anyone to act outside the law by hiding under the 'security blanket' of religion."


"At a time when 53% of the British population declares itself non-religious and when we need more mixing than ever, it seems absolutely counter-productive to increase religious discrimination in schools admission."


"Allowing schools to discriminate against students on the basis of their parents' religion is socially divisive and fosters intolerance towards people of other faiths. The government should be seeking to eliminate discrimination in the UK school system, not increase it."


"Tribalism in this country will be yet further worsened, further splitting communities, if the cap is dropped. Shameful and driven by the need of churches to indoctrinate innocent children."


"To separate children from each other, and severely limit the education that they receive, simply because of their parents' religious beliefs, is a breach of the children's rights, and of our duty to give them as good an education as possible."


"I went to a mixed comprehensive school and I believe it promoted inclusivity. Religious segregation in schools is not the way forward!"


"Segregation based on religious belief belongs in the past. The dangers to social cohesion are becoming increasingly obvious to many."


"It's the 21st century. We should be promoting integration not division."


Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.