"As if the hostility towards the great immigration debate wasn't enough; how is raising a generation of children, who travel from one bubble of surround sound religious beliefs at school, then make a streamline to the very same bubble of beliefs at home, going to help integration between communities? You can't expect to form a well-blended "melting pot" generation, if you're funding secluded clusters of religion across the UK. The long term implications of this are clear. This would just be adding gasoline to fire."


"This is very discriminatory. Why should a parent have to transport a child to a school out of their local area simply because they don't share a religion with others?"


"Abolishing the cap is a discriminatory, regressive small-minded measure that encourages isolated communities and prejudice."


"The time has come to end religious discrimination and segregation in our schools - not extend it."


"All this will do is lead to more division in society. We need to come together not drift apart."


"If this goes through non religious or non Christian children will have to travel miles to find a school. Also schools should have a full range of children, not a narrow group - that leads to ignorance fanaticism and terrorism."


"Religious faith should not be used to discriminate against children in our society in the 21st century."


"There should be no privilege for people's beliefs. All should be treated equally."


"Taxpayer funded education must be open to all; any selection should be on a catchment basis only."


"There should be no religious indoctrination in state funded schools at all; the fact that not only there is, but that you want to allow religious schools to select 100% of their intake based on the religion of children's parents is outrageous. State services are for everyone, paid for by everyone."


Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.