"I can't believe we've not learnt the lesson of religious segregation, not just in recent years but through a study of the last millennium."


"My grand daughter cannot get into her local school because she is not a catholic. Is it any wonder we have a divided nation when we force divisions on 5-year old children?"


"No institution that takes a single penny of taxpayers' money should be allowed to discriminate on religious grounds."


"Schools should be for everyone not just religious people."


"Removing the 50% cap will increase the chances of radicalisation and exclusion."


"It's time to bring people together, not to further segregate them."


"I support the aim of promoting inclusivity, diversity and openness in schools, and allowing certain schools to discriminate based on religion goes against British traditional values of tolerance."


"Our schools should promote cohesion, not religious apartheid."


"I cannot believe in this day and age we're having to explain why it's a bad idea to segregate people. Shameful."


"Allowing schools to discriminate based on a quality of the child that is independent of their capacity to learn should be illegal, let alone facilitated."


Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.