"Removing the cap on religion-based entry to schools will have the effect of increasing division in society, and in penalising children for something outside their (or their parents') control."


"Any increase in 100% selective faith schools is a serious retrograde step for society, and a serious blow to freedom of thought for the children affected."


"Why facilitate segregation along religious lines, children of all faiths and none should be educated together in inclusive schools. It's just common sense to promote inclusiveness faith schools don't and making a new generation of 100% religiously selective schools is, ludicrous and backward."


"We want schools which educate ALL children together & aid true integration not division."


"A liberal society cannot arbitrarily discriminate against people of different faiths, and proselytism should not be publically funded."


"Inclusive schools are the best form of social interaction for young people not single or mostly single faith schools. Separating young kids along the lines of religion will not foster understanding between UK communities and create fear and mistrust. When UK Faith Schools are funded by all tax payers why are they allowed to discriminate against who can and can't be schooled in these publicly funded educational buildings?"


"Anyone from Northern Ireland knows where unlimited religious schooling leads--and it's not to an integrated society."


"It's important that education includes social mixing with various faiths, and non-believers, and my children, now grown up, benefited immensely from this. I want my grandchildren to do so also."


"I truly believe that children who experience cultural and religious plurality at school are better equipped to integrate and exercise critical thinking about their own culture and religion. This is beneficial to all of society. School should not be a place to entrench difference. It should be a place for all to come together without religion for the sole purpose of learning."


"This is pure discrimination. It is not ok to use religious belief (and the belief of the parent at that, not the child), to hide behind discrimination."


Save the 50% cap

Time is running out to oppose the Government's plans to scrap the 50% cap and allow a new wave of 100% religiously selective school admissions.