Religion and state education should be kept separate. If there must be faith schools, they should be entirely self-funded.

Colin, from EXETER

As some areas have only faith schools in them, the removal of this cap could leave many children without access to an education, which is unacceptable. Please reconsider to prevent segregation, discrimination, and a lack of education for our children.

James, from CREWE

As a human race, we have an obligation to coexist for the greater good of all. This is a responsibility to tolerate, and accept that diversity exists within us all, within races, cultures, countries, religions, and spirituality. We must fight for one another's right as a human being to be different, even if that is a difference that we don't share within ourselves. Keep education inclusive for every walk of life. In doing this we shall all benefit!


it will have an impact on me as a pagan if I don’t want to send kids to a school that will focus on trying to promote one religious view, and one with doesn’t share the same values as me.


The more open and inclusive our schools are the more chance we have of creating a peaceful, tolerant society.


The idea that faith schools are somehow better than secular ones is an illusion fostered by the faiths. Good teachers make for good schools. Faith schools are an obstruction to an open and fair society. At the very least the 50% admission rule helps towards an inclusive society. Exclusiveness promotes friction.


I believe all schools should aim to encourage diversity and an understanding of others. This cannot be done through segregation. No school should be allowed to discriminate access on grounds of religion, and we should aim for all schools to be religiously diverse.

Susan, from WALSALL

As a parent of a child in a school which is currently at risk of losing its secular status for the sake of a lease agreement in a proposed merger, I want to see this cap to taken to zero. There should be no religious discrimination in the education system. Everyone should be welcome.

Louise, from NORWICH

I fail to understand why we have faith schools at all. If we must persist in having them, we should avoid their becoming islands of insularity. This can only be possible by allowing children with different backgrounds in schools to reflect the society in which they're based. Anything else is ludicrous and potentially dangerous. Keep the cap.

Suzanne, from PETERBOROUGH

I don’t understand why the government encourages dividing our children and creating segregation along religious lines. We should be working towards a fairer, more cohesive society. Separatism leads to a lack of understanding of others outside of the faith which our children have been given by their parents.

Tony, from WIGAN

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