Religious schools are divisive. We want children to grow up without racial or religious prejudices. We need schools without religious segregation, so that our children can mix with children from different backgrounds.

Chloe, from SOUTH LONDON

It is time to stop using publicly funded schools to indoctrinate children into beliefs a majority of people disagree with.


I can't believe that state-funded discrimination based on religion is still in place in this century! Why should my child be inconvenienced or receive inferior education because of their beliefs (or lack of)?

Adrian, from SOUTH LONDON

The state should not support any particular religions nor give any religion special privileges nor exemptions. Religion should form no part of the education system but be a personal matter for the family outside of the school curriculum.

Richard, from GLOUCESTER

I live right two minutes’ walk from a school I would like my daughter to go to. But as we are not a religious family, I’m told she can’t go there and will now have to drive my child to a school further away.


I have no problem with religion being taught in school but feel admission to a school should not be based on a child’s belief but on where they live. All children of all faiths or beliefs in a local area should be able to go to the same local school.

Thomas, from BOURNEMOUTH

As a UK taxpayer I should be able to send my child to local state funded school without any consideration of mine or his religious beliefs. The Church of England is operating like a cult, filling pews with parents who have no religious belief but know that attending church regularly is the only way to guarantee a place.

Harriet, from GLOUCESTER

Secular Schools I was educated in two faith schools and a non-faith school. In the non-faith school, I was taught about other religions and in the same school I made friends who were from not only other cultures but other religions. I believe that this has made me more tolerant of both other cultures and religions. Further, it showed me that I had more in common both on a religious and social level with these other religions and people of another culture than that which divided us. I learnt, from a young age, that family, happiness, laughter, play, music, sharing of food and discussion and worship of a god, gods or no god in peace is common to all regardless of religion or culture.

Caroline, from LLANDUDNO

My niece attended a preschool 300m from her house for 2 years and it was hoped that she could continue to walk to her new school, a further 200m away. But they preferred to take children from all over the city of Exeter, whose parents have jumped through the religious hoops.

Jackie, from EXETER

This young child lives 300m from their local school and has attended pre-school right next door. It is not right to discriminate on any basis, least so this. She can walk to school with either parent and avoid traffic pollution and parking chaos in an already overly difficult area. According to records 60% of places go to C of E background children, seemingly regardless of proximity and parenting. Being a member of a particular church should not dictate a place in THE most local of schools.

Kate, from EXETER

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