My children attend the local primary, which is Catholic. I was always uneasy about the selection process. Many of their friends will go onto the secondary school. However, it's unlikely they will be accepted. I am appalled at this completely unacceptable system which discriminates based on faith and teaches my child that they are less worthy because they are not Catholic.


Faith schools are actively discriminatory to other faiths, and I do not believe that this is conducive to building an open, diverse community that practices tolerance. We should be educating our children not only academically, but also on social acceptance, which will equip them with lifelong skills as they prepare to enter their preferred careers. It would be preposterous to think that you wouldn’t get a job not based on talent but your faith, so why are schools allowed to discriminate towards children at such a crucial time in their lives.


It is appalling to know that in 2020, a child can be discriminated against getting a basic education at any local taxpayer-funded school because of his or her parents' religious beliefs. How can we, as a nation, preach inclusiveness and fairness for children in regions of the world plagues by ethnic conflict (such as the Balkans and the Middle East), when we clearly do not practice what we preach!

Ibrahim, from NORTH LONDON

A government which claims on one hand to be a government for all the country cannot logically support religious bigots who seek to deny civil rights to those who do not follow their bigotry. One of the most important of those rights is education and not parti pris propaganda.


I can't believe in 2020 we are still having this argument. It's time to end this outdated rubbish now. The law doesn't allow me to open a school that would accept everyone except Catholics, but the other way around is fine apparently. Not to mention the government funding they are entitled to from the very taxpayers they reject. Are we really still that stupid in this country? Jesus wept.


My son was not accepted for a particular secondary school because of his faith, I think there is a possibility he has been discriminated against him, because this school is Catholic, and he is not.

Steven, from GLASGOW

Children are children, they don’t choose the religion they’re brought up in and the idea they can be treated differently on that alone sickens me to the core.

James, from PORTSMOUTH

I’m experiencing faith-based discrimination first-hand. My 4-year-old is being denied admission to our local primary school because we are not Catholics. The school opened around 2010 can apply its own selection criterion to 100% of places. I am giving up. I never expected that this human rights issue could happen in this country.

Abhi, from WEST LONDON

My children are being discriminated against in school admissions. Our area has very few secondary places open to non-religious families. Many parents 'play the game' and attend church for 3 years to get their children in to their local school then stop attending! I am not prepared to do this.

Kitty, from LIVERPOOL

I’m Christian, but my little boy can’t go to our local school because we don’t attend church. How can we discriminate against a child based on their parents’ religious views? Locally most schools are church schools it is wrong that people of other faiths feel they would have to attend church.

Rebecca, from BLACKBURN

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