It's outrageous that a government which claims to promote an inclusive and open society condones and funds discrimination of pupils based on their faith.

Magda, from EAST LONDON

It should not be legal for council funded schools to discriminate on faith to access education.

Ane, from SUTTON

We have a secondary school on our doorstep, but our son would come in one of the bottom two entry criteria as we are not Catholic. In the last three years 100% if the admissions were Catholic only, with children traveling from several miles away. This discrimination really surprises me. This divide should end.

Navin, from TWICKENHAM

Discrimination based on beliefs without evidence and proof of the existence of gods is ridiculously ignorant of reality. Making children victims of this is an affront against decent education. It creates division among future generations. Worse of all, I believe, forcing children, who attend these places, to be indoctrinated is child abuse. Put an end to this awful practice. Now. Give children education free from partisan religious indoctrination. Don’t let children be exploited by biased evangelical religious organisations. Our children deserve a better fairer, objective, secular education. Give them the best. They are the future. They deserve it.


I had no idea that school admissions could be based on faith. I couldn't believe that something so discriminative still existed in 2021.

Rebekah, from PETERBOROUGH

Discrimination plagued our society in different form, religious discrimination is far worse than any other we are not doing enough to seek true equality for all humans. we must stop teaching our children all the wrong ways of living.

Naga, from EAST LONDON

Religious discrimination has no place in state funded schools. It also contributes to a huge number of unnecessary rush hour journeys as many children have to travel long distance as they are excluded by school, they live closest to because of their parents’ religious beliefs.


Discrimination in any form shouldn’t be legal. Imagine a school with an admission policy based on ethnicity. To add further insult, these schools are funded by the public, who’s children may be ineligible for admission, yet they have no choice to abstain from contributing.

Jonathan, from REDHILL

Absolutely shocking in this day and age that children can be discriminated on the grounds of religion.


I want to send my daughter to the nearest high school but as we are nonreligious, she will likely be unfairly discriminated against in preference of a Catholic child. I’m not sure why we cannot discriminate based on religion for the workplace but can for our children's education.

Isla, from BRIGHTON

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