This campaign deserves far more widespread support.

John from CARDIFF

I believe that faith schools contribute to segregation in communities which is not conducive to a healthy society.


Make admissions to publicly funded schools open to all, regardless of parents' religion or belief.

Nick, from PRESTON

I thoroughly support the NSS's campaign to end faith school's selecting pupils on the basis of their families' religious beliefs. It is an extremely divisive practice and does a great deal of harm to society as a whole. We should be looking to bring people together, not split them into factions. The UK is failing children by allowing this to take place. In the workplace, nobody should be discriminated against, yet this is being allowed to occur in our schools.

Christoffer, from REDHILL

Religious segregation promotes division, and is wholly against the idea of an inclusive society. It hinders, rather than helps, learning about other societies and beliefs and helps create closed mindsets.

Malcolm, from SOUTH LONDON

Most of the schools in my area are CofE or Catholic. If your child doesn’t get to grammar school or if you are non-religious, or don’t pretend that you are, then your options are very small.


You have my full support as I truly believe in a secular state and there is no place for religion in any part of state provided services, particularly education. Where we live, we are currently directly impacted by openly and overtly discriminatory admissions policies, jeopardising our children's right to an education. We live in an area with a disproportionate number of (C of E/ Roman Catholic - not our own) faith schools and our nearest non-faith school is oversubscribed, leaving us in a no man's land. Religion should be left to the parents and their corresponding settings - not taxpayer’s state schools! And faith or belief certainly shouldn't be used to discriminate and deny places in the state system. It's 2021!

Rishi, from ENFIELD

Education should be about teaching our children our best knowledge about the world around them and giving them skills, they need to flourish as adults. Teaching Religion as if it is a fact is outdated and immoral. Angel-raped virgins, resurrection, persecution, sexism, intrusive observation of your life and bucket loads of hated are not themes that I want my children to be faced with at age 5! Even if it is conveniently packaged up with presents, fluffy bunnies, nice songs, and oranges with sweets stuck on. End faith schools, the religious leaders can preach in Sunday schools and prayer classes on their own time.

Amy, from OLDHAM

I do not wish to bring my children up to accept discrimination and allowing schools to freely discriminate against children based on religion is extremely outdated and damaging to society.

Zoe, from BATH

How can those who pay taxes be excluded from taxpayer funded schools? It's like paying for a gym membership, to a gym you are not allowed to attend. Segregation is divisive, the state funding of segregation perpetuates this division in society. The state funding of faith schools, who exercise religious discrimination in their admissions criteria, seems at direct odds with the Human Rights Act. A different, but related issue, is that by funding religious schools, the state is also funding the teaching of religious ideology, which should be funded entirely by the members of their religious communities.

Emily, from ILFORD

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