What's happening?

Wigan need to reduce surpluses school places in the Abram area. These decisions involving closure or amalgamation, are often complex and emotive. However, systemic bias against non-faith (community ethos) mean they can further reduce choice for families who do not want a faith-based education.

The practical options unfortunately come down to closing one of Abram Bryn Gates community primary school, or Holy Family Catholic Primary School.

Our analysis shows that 81% of postcodes in Wigan experienced high or extreme restrictions on the choice of a non-faith primary school. This affects 90% of postcodes in the Abram ward – a figure that would approach 100% if Abram Bryn Gate were to close, as five of its nearest six schools are faith -based.

What can you do?

Wigan Council are running a statutory pre-publication consultation until 13 December 2021. This will help them decide on which option to propose next year. Once a proposal is published, there will be a four week consultation period (10 February to 10 March 2022).

The NSS will be responding to both consultations, and encourage supporters to do the same. You can also sign the petition to help strengthen our response. We particularly want to hear comments from local residents. Experience shows that councilors really value these local messages, alongside other arguments.

Save Abram Bryn Gates, Wigan

We're calling on Wigan Council to save Abram Bryn Gates primary school. Surplus school places need to be reduced, but not in a way that leaves residents with little choice but a faith school.

Save Abram Bryn Gates, Wigan