Evangelical group made children “eat their sins”

The NSS has been receiving emails recently from parents telling of extreme evangelical groups being invited into their children’s schools. We are told that these are isolated incidents, but still reports keep coming. The latest is on the website of Parentdish that tells of a Baptist Church coming into schools and telling children to write down on a piece of paper that they have repented their sins – and then eat it.

Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of theNational Secular Society, said: “Religious Education is increasingly being used as a tool for evangelism. Some of the groups that are invited into schools from churches and religious organisations bent on proselytising are quite extreme. And yet the law permits this. We think that if outside religious organisations are to be invited into schools and given a free hand to inflict their sometimes questionable beliefs on children, parents should be informed in advance so they can make a decision about whether they want their child to participate.”