I believe religion should be a choice and not a legal obligation.

Alex from Bristol

I absolutely support this; there should be no compulsory religious ceremonies in our schools, only optional comparative religion taught as part of social studies. Nor should there be any faith schools, as these preclude children from non-religious families. In the UK less than 50% of people claim to have a religion and an even smaller % actually practice any, no more than 10% of these.

Tony from Ipswich

Compulsory worship is a wholly unwarranted imposition of egregious ideologies on children paid for by our taxes.

Terry and Siri , from BRISTOL

End faith schools indoctrination. Why does our education system so badly fail our children and explicitly breach The Human Rights Act and The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in relation to freedom of thought, conscience & religion? Let's loosen the grip of the religious hold the the CofE & Catholic church has on our schools & children. Free our children!

Michelle, from NORTHAMPTON

Compulsory collective worship is so incredibly and unethically discriminative and disrespectful because it disregards all other faiths and none, and shows an utter disregard for modern cultural diversity. It absolutely breaches our children's right to freedom of thought, belief and religion. Schools interfere with that and that goes against human rights.

Michelle, from SHEFFIELD

I fully agree that compulsory worship, of any denomination, is an anachronistic imposition that shouldn't take place in publicly funded organisations.

Martin, from READING

No child should be coerced into any adult religious beliefs. It is deemed as child abuse, as there is no proof to suggest there are gods.


I have always felt that compulsory worship was a deeply disturbing concept in the first place. Having it as a mandatory activity for school children is fundamentally wrong. I regard it as sinister and a form of abuse. I support this campaign whole heartedly.

Matthew, from EAST LONDON

I was raised Roman Catholic but went to a non-religious school. Looking back, I can't believe we had prayers, religious hymns, self-proclaimed preachers allowed access to children to spread their faith (probably not CRB checked either). Religion should be a private personal matter, no one has the right to brainwash and indoctrinate children into any faith, especially other people’s children.

Daniel, from WARRINGTON

Incomprehensible that in the 21st century, the UK still has this archaic law on compulsory Christian worship in schools. I am a practising Christian, but it is obviously not right to impose compulsory Christian worship in our schools. We need pupils of all religions and none to integrate. I went to a faith school, but they should certainly not have any place in our education system.

Peter, from READING

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