Church apology needs creationist slap-down to be credible

The National Secular Society has given a cautious welcome to the news that the Church of England has issued an apology to Charles Darwin for giving his theory of evolution such a rough ride when it was first published.

NSS Spokesman Alistair McBay said that what with the late Pope John-Paul II's apology to Galileo and the CofE apology for trashing evolution (not forgetting the apology for its role in the slave trade) we wonder what absurdity Christianity will confess to next. McBay added that with these apologies, Christianity had effectively succeeded in consigning its own Bible-based moral certainty to the history and mythology textbooks, with help from Galileo and Darwin, of course.

However, McBay called for further action from the Church of England to make its apology more relevant to the 21st century and current controversies. "The CofE apology to Darwin would be a lot more credible and valuable if the Church also issued a press release condemning the teaching of the bogus science of biblical creationism in Britain's schools," said McBay, referring to the ongoing Reiss controversy.

"The Church should also censure its vicar, the Reverend Professor Michael Reiss, for the crime of elevating myth and superstition to the status of valid scientific enquiry, with his call for creationism to be debated in science classes. The Reverend Professor's comments surely mandate a second apology to Charles Darwin from Church authorities for its latest nod towards creationist nonsense."

September 16 2008