Christian Complaint Against Dungeon "Ludicrous"

The National Secular Society has written to the Edinburgh licensing authorities to support an application from the Edinburgh Dungeon tourist attraction for a renewal of its entertainment licence.

The NSS’s intervention comes after a church in Edinburgh lodged a complaint with licensing authorities opposing a licence renewal on the grounds that the exhibition was “offensive to Christians” and “encouraging devil worship”.

NSS vice president Terry Sanderson, said: “This may seem trivial, but it is another example of religious people trying to impose their own narrow views on the rest of us. The Edinburgh Dungeon is a popular attraction, but it is also educational and uses humour to help engage its younger visitors. The idea that children will be rushing off to indulge in Satanism after visiting the Dungeon is absolutely ludicrous.”

Mr Sanderson said: “Perhaps the Church’s real objection is to the way its own history is portrayed in the Dungeons. There is no shortage of gruesome horrors perpetrated by religious authorities over the ages – such as inquisitions, the burning of witches and torturing of heretics. Children should be encouraged to see this exhibition so that they can be made aware of what can happen when religion takes control of a society.”