Cherie Blair: Did she make those remarks or didn’t she?

The National Secular Society has spoken out about the lack of transparency in the decision by the Office of Judicial Complaints to absolve Cherie Blair (Ms Booth QC) from any wrong-doing when she gave a suspended sentence rather than a prison sentence to a defendant reportedly on the basis that he was a “religious man”.

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “We have been told nothing about how this decision was reached and after enquiring at the Office of Judicial Complaints, it is clear that no details of the enquiry are to be made public.

“So the questions remain: did Ms Booth make these remarks or didn’t she? If she did, what did she mean by them? If she didn’t, is she going to take it up with the newspapers who reported them? We are prepared to accept that Ms Booth is entirely blameless in this matter, but how can we decide when the whole thing is kept behind closed doors and away from scrutiny?

“Why can’t we see the details of this investigation? By publishing it, the Office of Judicial Complaints will be able to satisfy us that it was conducted with complete objectivity.”

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