Shreela Flather is a Conservative life peer. She was the first Asian woman to receive a peerage. She has held senior posts in numerous organisations involved in refugee, community, carer, race relations and prison work.

Lady Flather has joined our campaign against sharia law in the UK. She has said that many Muslim women were in a worse position in this country than in their countries of origin (or their family's origin). This was because the same (Sharia) "justice" applied, but they did not have the benefit of a large supportive family here, as they would have had there.

Lady Flather also supports removing exemptions from animal welfare law that allow animals to be slaughtered without stunning for religious reasons.

The House of Lords adopted an amendment paving the way for caste discrimination to be made illegal. Lady Flather was active in bringing about this success and in our work to abolish the blasphemy laws.