Affiliated groups

Local, student and special interest groups are a great way of raising local awareness of secular issues, running localised campaigns and socialising with like-minded secularists. Below is a list of websites and contact details of groups affiliated to the National Secular Society.

These groups are independent of the NSS, but all support the aims of the society.

Secular Forums

The National Secular Society has a number of special expertise forums. These allow professionals/trainees in/followers of particular fields which intersect with secularism to exchange ideas and be kept up to date with news, meetups and opportunities to contribute or volunteer.

Find out more:

National Groups




UK Society of Celebrants

0800 772 0762

Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats

020 8405 9816

Student Groups


Cambridge University Atheist & Agnostic Society


Kings College AHSS

LSE SU ASH Society

Queen Mary Atheism Secularism & Humanism Society

UCL Atheist Secularist & Humanist Society


University of Birmingham Atheist Secular and Humanist Society

University of Leicester Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society

University of Lincoln Secular and Humanist Society

University of Nottingham Secular Society

North East

Durham University Humanist and Secularist Society

NU-Think (Newcastle Uni)


St. Andrews University Atheist Society


Oxford Atheists Secularists & Humanists

South East

University of Surrey Atheist Humanist and Secularist Society


University of Bristol Atheist Agnostic Secular Society


University of York Atheist, Secularist & Humanist Society

Local Groups


Bedfordshire Humanists

Cambridge Humanist Group

Norfolk Humanists

Suffolk Humanists & Secularists

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Freethinkers


East London Humanists

North London Humanist Group

South East London Humanist Group

South London Humanists

West London Humanists & Secularists


Birmingham Humanists

Coventry and Warwickshire Humanists

Leicester Secular Society

Northern Ireland

Belfast Humanist Group

North East

Durham Atheist Secularist and Humanist Society

North East Humanists

North West

Chester Humanists

Greater Manchester Humanists

Lancashire Secular Humanists

Ludlow and Marches Humanist Group


Edinburgh Secular Society


Brighton Secular Humanists

South Hampshire Humanists

South East

Basingstoke Humanists

Chiltern Humanists

Essex Humanists

Farnham Humanists

Kent Humanists

Milton Keynes Humanists

Oxford Humanists

Watford Area Humanists

South West

Cornwall Humanists

Gloucestershire Humanists

Dorset Humanists


West Glamorgan Humanist Group


Bradford Atheist & Humanist Society

Leeds Atheist Society

Join us

If your group supports our aims and objectives then why not affiliate to the NSS? Working together we can broaden the secular movement, challenge religious privilege and promote human rights.

Annual direct debit - £34

Pay by card - £34

Starting a direct debit is the most effective way to affiliate your group to the NSS – it allows us to predict how much money we will have available, and also cuts down on administration costs. If you'd prefer you can make a one off card payment

Let us know about a secularist group

If there's a group you know is doing good work around secular issues and you think we need to be aware of them please let us know.

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