Protect LGBT-inclusive education

There is a growing, highly organised protest movement against LGBT inclusive relationships and sexuality education (RSE). This has been exemplified by the national coverage of protests at schools mainly in England. Additionally, many faith schools distort RSE lessons by teaching within the tenets of their faith, which sometimes means teaching that same-sex relationships are morally wrong.

Please ask your MS to urge the Minister for Education to:

  • Ensure RSE in all schools, including faith schools, is inclusively LGBT inclusive and that faith schools do not distort RSE teaching through religious ideology.
  • End the parental right of withdrawal from RSE lessons

MSs receive a lot of research and correspondence from campaigning organisations. When their constituents also share these reports it shows that voters care about this issue.

You can use the below template to share the report and its findings and recommendations with your MP; just enter your postcode to get started. Please consider taking the time to personalise it with your own experiences. Let your MSs know:

  • Why this matters to you
  • What you'd like them to do about it.
  • Any other interesting perspectives you may be able to offer on the issue.
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