Picture of NSS president Keith Porteous Wood outside at the 2017 AGM.

Dear Friend,

We all want to live long and prosper. But when our time is done we want to be sure that our savings and possessions will be dealt with according to our wishes. That means making a will.

Making a will gives peace of mind. Although it is a simple process, it is worthwhile paying the modest fee to have it prepared and made watertight by a solicitor. Do-it-yourself wills, such as those written on forms from the stationery shop, may prove worthless if they are challenged.

For most people, the first concern will be for their family. After that, many want to continue to support causes they have been enthusiastic about during their lives.

When you make your will we hope you'll remember the National Secular Society. The Society has depended throughout its long history on the generosity of its members' bequests. By leaving us a legacy you will be enabling us to continue working to free society from the unjustifiable influences of religion.

If you have already made a will, your solicitor can easily amend it to include a gift to the NSS. Minor revisions can normally be made without having to make a whole new will, by adding a short codicil. This is a formal short supplement to your will. It is placed with your will and forms part of the instructions.

We want to ensure that those who do not believe, and who want to live a rational life, do not suffer disadvantage. We want a fairer community where a person's particular faith, or lack of it, is no handicap or advantage, and where organised religion no longer has the power to persecute or interfere.

This is a long-term aim. Our founder, Charles Bradlaugh, said that: "No man sees a religion die". The process of creating a truly secular society will be long and arduous. We want to ensure that the NSS will be thriving for future generations to continue to fight for freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, and freedom from religious intolerance.

Your bequest can help ensure that this happens. If you have any further questions after reading the downloadable form, please get in touch with the office who will arrange for me or a specialist to contact you.

With many thanks and my best wishes,

Keith Porteous Wood
NSS President