This survey is part of our response to Welsh government proposals on replacing religious education (RE) with Religion, Values & Ethics (RVE) as part of the New Curriculum for Wales. Click here to find out more.

We are asking or all our supporters across the UK for their experiences and views on the right to withdraw from religious education. This will help inform our response to the consultation and wider work on RE reform across the UK.

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RVE survey

Under the Welsh government proposals, faith schools will be required to provide a non-denominational locally determined religious education option and a denominational (faith based) option. There will not be the option to withdraw.

* For ease, this survey uses the term religious education, though a wide range of subject names are used across the UK, such as religious studies (RS), religion & worldviews (RW), religious and moral education (RME) or religion values and ethics (RVE).