To build a harmonious and integrated society for the future around young people must be given a balanced and objective education all all major religions and belief systems.

Steve, from DERBY

All children should receive a proper, unbiased, education about all the main religious views, including the now majority UK 'no religion' view, covering secularism, humanism, and atheism.

Jim, from LUTON

Our schools should not be permitted to teach about religion from their exclusive viewpoint. The law should be changed to prevent this.

Andrew, from MANCHESTER

I think RE should be taught as an objective description of a diverse range of people’s belief systems, with an emphasis on the critical assessment of facts. It should also be taught consistently at every school and the only way to do this is by making it part of the National Curriculum.

Gurpreet, from REDHILL

In this divisive era, I think it's vitally important that a broad range of major world views are considered, compared, and contrasted.

William, from NOTTINGHAM

A non-proselytising approach to religion equips pupils with an age-appropriate understanding of the diversity of beliefs they will encounter in the world, from online to offline. It equips young people to understand their and others' rights and responsibilities, and to avoid the state-sanctioned imposition of religion or ideology upon individuals without their consent.

Terri, from NORTH LONDON

Every young person has a right to full education about all beliefs, religious and non-religious. Everyone is entitled to freedom of conscience. It is not ok to coerce and manipulate into acceptance of a parent's belief or non-belief system.

Rosemary, from ST ALBANS

Given the long-standing existence of religious diversity in England, it makes sense to adopt a neutral stance when explaining religion in its historical and social contexts.

Russell, from BOURNEMOUTH

Teach the history and social impact of religions and promote tolerance and good feeling to all peoples, but an educational establishment promoting a specific religious belief is backward thinking and has no place in a 21st century world.

Andrew, from STEVENAGE

My daughter is 9 years of age and is constantly being bombarded with information about many religions, these are glorified versions that catch her attention for that reason. Children are not taught about being non-religious and that they are entitled to their own beliefs. Children should be educated about all the different cultures and races that create our diverse society including the views of those who do not choose religion.

Helen, from SHEFFIELD

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