The bottomless corruption of the Catholic Church

The long awaited report into the child abuse cover up in the Catholic Church in Dublin has been published. It is, as expected, another catalogue of cruelty and corruption that almost boggles the mind. Read it here:

Such was the scale of the abuse and the subsequent cover ups that it is almost unbelievable that the Catholic Church is allowed anywhere near children. And yet still it runs schools and children’s homes and hands out diktats about morality to others when its own grasp of morality is very questionable. When the people conducting the investigation that led to this report approached the Vatican for information, both directly and through diplomatic channels, they were completely stonewalled. No reply. The Vatican still cannot face up to its guilt.

If the Irish had any sense, they would ship their gaggle of arrogant bishops and Cardinals back to Rome where they can spend their time swapping stories with all the others who have evaded justice by being moved there by the Vatican.

The Catholic Church has shown little contrition for its crimes and the Pope assumes that this little incident will pass into history and fade from memory, like all the other Vatican crimes over the centuries. But we live in hope that this one will stick.

Latest figures from the Irish website countmeout which went on-line in July, show that 3,300 people have downloaded a declaration of defection from the Catholic Church. Paul Dunbar, Cormac Flynn and Máiréad O’Sullivan established the website to raise awareness of the process involved in defecting from the Church – all the necessary documents can be downloaded from the site.

Mr Dunbar said: “We do not want to be seen to be benefitting from other people’s misery, but we do believe that people will return to the website after the Dublin Archdiocese Report is published and use it to make a decisive break from the Church.” We share that hope.

The spectacular degree of longstanding cover up revealed in Dublin, as it was in Boston, Massachusetts, raises serious questions about the Church hierarchy’s commitment to root out offenders. This is something which the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child should be actively investigating.

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