NSS at Convention for Modern Liberty

What has been described as the largest gathering of civil liberty activists ever in this country took place last Saturday in London and simultaneously in several other British cities, the NSS was at the heart of the action.

We had a stall at the Convention for Modern Liberty at which some of the hundreds of attendees stopped to find out more about secularism and the NSS. We were astonished at the enthusiasm for secularist ideas – even from some of the religious people who were there. We hope to have recruited a significant number of new members and made useful contacts with other organisations with similar aims to our own.

The stall was run by President Terry Sanderson, Vice President Anna Behan, Executive Director Keith Porteous Wood and Council member Peter Vlachos. Among the NSS honorary associates participating in the conference were Nick Cohen, A.C. Grayling, Evan Harris MP and Philip Pullman.

Convention on Modern Liberty - London - Voices from the Crowd

6 March 2009