Keep the 50% cap

We are concerned that the new education secretary, Damian Hinds, supports plans to increase religious selection in school admissions. The 50% cap on faith based admissions at new free schools is the first serious measure the Government has taken to tackle the discrimination and segregation wrought by religious selection in state schools. Yet the new education secretary seems poised to scrap this measure under pressure from the Catholic Church and other religious organisations to facilitate a new wave of 100% religiously selective schools. Take this last chance to write to your MP and ask them to oppose the change.

Hints and tips

- Personalising your letter will make it more likely to have an impact.

- An introduction paragraph about why you are writing to the MP is useful.

- Keep your thoughts fairly brief. MPs are busy and get a lot of correspondence.

- Use clear and simple language.

- If you have an interesting perspective which undermines arguments for privileging religion, consider sharing it.

- This letter is only applicable to MPs in England.

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