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National Secular Society

Challenging Religious Privilege


The NSS thinks that the BBC devotes too much of its resources to the provision of religious propaganda, funded by the licence payer.

We argue that the amount of religious broadcasting is excessive as research has shown very few people watch it.

We have long campaigned for Radio 4’s Thought for the Day slot on Radio 4 to either be scrapped or be opened up to non-religious viewpoints.

Contributors to Thought for the Day often make contentious remarks and claims, and even use it for lobbying during the passage of bills through Parliament. Only on this programme are such controversial views allowed to pass unchallenged. We argue that this contradicts everything that the BBC is supposed the stand for: fairness, balance, a voice for everyone in the country and for a wide range of views to be made available to all.

Following a meeting with the BBC Trust In early 2009 we launched the latest in a series of formal complaints that date back to 1962. We did hope that our latest complaint, along with the many hundreds of complaints from our supporters and the general public may have finally convinced the BBC that this issue needed a rethink. Unfortunately this wasn‘t to be the case. In Novermber 2009 our complaint relating to the exclusive and discriminatory nature of Thought for the Day was rejected by the BBC Trust.