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National Secular Society

Challenging Religious Privilege

Please note: this event is now fully booked.

Half-day conference: Saturday 7 December 2–6pm

Conway Hall, London

On 7 December the NSS will be hosting a half-day conference to discuss secularism and feminism, and the relationship between the two causes.

Throughout the world, religion is the primary defence used in sustaining misogynistic laws and norms and in perpetuating the control and subservience of women. From the Vatican's attacks on reproductive rights and autonomy, to the use of Islam in the Middle East and North Africa to justify the most appalling oppression and violence – it is clear that secularism is vital in the fight for women's empowerment and equality.

In the UK, the advancement of secular thought has pushed back much religious misogyny and created safe spaces for women and protected our rights; but is the importance of secularism in the fight for women's rights fully appreciated?

The event will be chaired by Anne Marie Waters and speakers at the event will include Pragna Patel (Southall Black Sisters), Nahla Mahmood (Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain), Helen Palmer (Central London Humanists), Helen Nicholls (Lawyers Secular Society), and Yasmin Rehman (The Muslim Institute).

How to get to Conway Hall