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Secularism in the media


Illegal faith schools a ‘growing menace’ in England - NSS quoted

Children being educated illegally in unregistered faith schools are left "unprepared for life in modern Britain," according to a report published this week by England education watchdog Ofsted.

Arab News


Church apology over Bishop George Bell abuse inquiry

The Church of England has apologised to the relatives of a bishop for the way it investigated child abuse claims made against him decades after his death.



Australia child abuse inquiry finds 'serious failings'

A five-year inquiry into sexual abuse in Australia has released its final report, saying institutions had "seriously failed" to protect children.



Letter: Filling the Church of England’s cathedrals? - NSS mentioned

A letter in response to the bishop of Bedford's swipe that the National Secular Society over its call for disestablishment.

The Guardian


Butlin's faces legal action over dodgems 'hijab ban'

A Muslim man has launched a discrimination case against the holiday company Butlins after he claims his teenage daughter was barred from using the dodgems because she was wearing a hijab.

The Guardian


Law Commission to explore leasehold and chancel repair liability

News that chancel repair liability (an ancient law that can force homeowners to pay for some ancient Anglican parish church repairs) is among the 14 projects that the Law Commission will look at over the next three years.

Law Gazette


Labour leader is heckled as he tells Jewish group that he's tough on anti-Semitism

The Labour leader was accused of hating Jewish people as he delivered a speech to the Jewish Labour Movement's Chanukah party.

Mail Online


MSF estimates more than 6,700 Rohingya killed in Myanmar

Based on surveys of refugees in Bangladesh, the number is much higher than Myanmar's official figure of 400.



Hindu man raised £3,500 after video of him 'murdering a Muslim man' went viral

Police in India's western Rajasthan state have frozen the bank account of a Hindu zealot who received public donations of around £3,500 days after he is alleged to have brutally murdered a Muslim labourer, burnt his body and circulated videos of the incident on social media.

The Telegraph


Religious freedom review appointee has argued for limited sharia law in Australia

The Turnbull government has appointed an academic who has argued that recognising religious freedom should include acceptance of a limited form of sharia law to the Ruddock review.

The Guardian


Six men sentenced to death in India for Dalit 'honour' killing

Shankar, 22, was hacked to death in Tamil Nadu by a gang of men including his wife's father, because they did not approve of him marrying above his caste.

The Guardian


"U.S. religion is increasingly polarised"

"More moderate forms of organized religion could become increasingly irrelevant in the United States," a sociologist says.

Science News


Latest from the NSS


NSS: promote free speech as “a positive value” on campus

The NSS has told a parliamentary committee free speech should be protected "not only as a legal concept" on university campuses.


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